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MAY 2016



21 Tara Sadhana Practice (Tibetan, English, Chinese)

May 1 (Sunday) 2 pm - 3:45 pm


Monthly Center Cleaning - Living Yoga

May 1 (Sunday) 4 pm - 5:30 pm


Guru Puja with Tsog

May 2, 16 (Monday) 7:30-9 pm

May 31 (Tue) 7:30-9 pm

Please join us for Guru Puja practice. Feel free to bring a tsog offering such as fruit, baked goods, or other individually wrapped edibles. For those students who do not have time to prepare offerings for Tsog, monetary offerings can be made for the Center to prepare on your behalf.


Yamantaka Discussion

May 7 (Saturday) 2-3:30 PM

May 21 (Saturday) 1-2:30 PM

For this weekly hour-and-a-half class, Chophel Rinpoche will lead us in a study/discussion of Khensur Rinpoche’s new book, “The Two Stages of Glorious Solitary Hero, Vajrabhairava,” which covers all the essential points of Yamantaka practice. As Khensur Rinpoche pointed out in India recently, practitioners need a "good study" in order to understand and practice Yamantaka well. Included will be short practice sessions as we progress through each section of the book. Please bring your own copy of the book.

Note: these study/discussions are open only to those who have received the Yamantaka empowerment previously.


LCB Guest Speaker Series: How the Mind Works

May 7 (Saturday) 4 - 6pm

Join us for a discussion between two scholars Tenzin Chophel Rinpoche &  Dr. Azad Paul Kurkjian from very different academic traditions. Each will give a short overview of their understanding of the workings of the mind, and engage in a dialogue about the similarities and differences between the two traditions. We look forward to seeing you at what promises to be a very engaging discussion!


The Two Truths in the Four Buddhist Tenet Systems

Tenzin Chophel Rinpoche

May 15 (Sunday) 10 am -12pm

Watch online on

When someone seeks to understand Buddhism, where should that person start? With the meaning of taking refuge in the three jewels? With the four noble truths? The Dalai Lama, when asked this question, suggested that for many in the West today, understanding the two truths—conventional truth and ultimate truth—is the best place to start.


When the Buddha awoke from the dream we still dream, he saw the ultimate reality of things just as they are. There are shifting appearances and conventions, the manners and traditions of the vast and diverse world; and then there is the mystery of the sheer reality of things. And yet we cannot find this reality anywhere else but right here.


Each system of Buddhist philosophy has its own way of explaining exactly what these two truths are and how they relate to one another. In exploring these systems, we are looking over the shoulders of Buddhist thinkers as they grapple with a basic question: 'What is real?' This is not an idle intellectual exercise but a matter which cuts to the heart of our practice in life.


Tibetan for Beginners

May 15 (Sunday) 2-3 pm

This class will began with Tibetan alphabet and script then follow by focus on colloquial Tibetan with the goal of gaining the ability to speak basic Tibetan as it is used in everyday situations by learning colloquial Tibetan grammar and vocabulary.


Saka Dawa

May 21 (Saturday)

Mahayana Precepts 5:30 am

Medicine Buddha Purification Puja 7 - 9:30 am

Vajrasattva 10 - 11:30 am

May 21st is the most holy day of Saka Dawa, This full moon day of Saka Dawa commemorates Lord Buddha's birth, enlightenment, and parinirvana (death). In Tibetan tradition, celebrations normally last the entire fourth month of the Tibetan calendar.


Tenzin Chophel Rinpoche will lead a Medicine Buddha Purification and Obstacle Removal Puja to help all beings who are facing different obstacles and sickness. The seven Medicine Buddha are not only very powerful in healing disease, but in purification, for both the living and the dead.


Rinpoche will also lead a Vajrasattva practice. This is a tantric meditation practice done for the purification of karma. As a Mahayana practice, it is undertaken with a bodhichitta aim to purify all our karma in order to reach enlightenment as quickly as possible in order to be best able to help all sentient beings.



Buddha's Birthday Festival at Whittier Narrow Regional Park

May 22 (Sunday) 10am-4pm

Vesak Day - 2015 Celebration of the Buddha's Birthday

Whittier Narrows Regional Park

1600 Rosemead Blvd South El Monte, CA 91733




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